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Good NewZ! Pittie Pups Rescue is a 501(c)(3)
established to save mutts (aka pittie
pups) some as young as 1 day old, from euthanasia.

That's Rachael Ray hugging Rider (aka Boo), who also got another babe to adopt him the same day. Woody got adopted too!!!

Thank you Rachael Ray - when you say the check's in the mail you mean it. It's already arrived!

Good NewZ! Pittie Pups Rescue

Good NewZ is now maintaining a webpage to help local rescues obtain the status of Contra Costa County's dogs. The County holds strays dogs five days, then evaluates them. Good NewZ will post the previous day's evaulations here.

If you are a Rescue and wish to be reminded daily to check the recently updated statuses of CCC's dogs, please contact us and we will add you to our e-mail list.

Meet Jimmy ...
  (on the right)


(on the left)
Another vicious beast cuddled up in his new home, Mikey was scheduled to be euthanized by SFACC for food aggression. He was rescued in the nick of time by Brett and Rebecca, two fosters down in Half Moon Bay. If not for Brett and Rebecca, Mikey's picture would never have gotten posted on the internet. SFACC says they are no-kill, so they can't post dogs like Mikey on petharbor. It might soil their so-called reputation.

Brett and Rebecca fostered ... and fell in love... now Mikey has his very own forever home ... as well as his very own food dish that he is happy to share with Sid, Tonia, Cecil, etc.

Brett and Rebecca (and Mikey) have helped Good NewZ! save a lot of lives. Thank you.

And Wish Mikey Luck!

Ask us about our foster to adopt program - we waive our adoption fee if you help us save the pitties.

           heck no!

try busted out!

Wish Buster Luck!

Click a photo to learn more about Buster.

Little Henry's ...      

Gray skies are gonna clear up,
Put on a happy face;
Brush off the clouds and cheer up,
Put on a happy face.
   ... got his happy (and contented) face!

and he's spreadin' sunshine all over the place!

Dogs rule at Little Henry's new forever home on Mare Island, a Bird Sanctuary and protected marshland, and he is spreadin' sunshine all over the place! Not only are there tons of great trails and little parks to walk along, but the Island is very dog friendly!

Todd and Darren haved worked hard for years to make home heaven for their two older rescue AmStaffs, Maddy, aka The Princess, 9 years old, and Wylie, 7 years old, and now they have made room for Little Henry! Henry's new, older siblings are showing him how to be a VERY big dog and Henry is learning fast!

Henry no longer needs to "put on" his happy face; he's wearing it all day long!

Wish Henry Luck!

Click a photo to learn more about our deaf puppies.

Vicious Beast!!!! ...

... got adopted.

Tink was found by Danae, a Michael Jackson fan who immediately fell in love with her, but was going through hard times. She named her Tink, the nickname MJ used for Janet. Danae wanted to keep her, but she was staying with family and they didn't want a dog, so Danae took Tink to the shelter and told them to call her if they were going to put Tink to sleep. They never called ... (more)

Wish Ruca Luck!

Y A N C Y !

Yancy found her safe haven with Sue and Tobe, a loving couple with room in their hearts, having recently loss their wonderful AmStaff Ottus to cancer. Sue, Tobe, their 8 year old daughter, and their 2 cats, required lots of cuddles, so we had to send in the champ.

And we are going to miss her*)

Thank you Annie Wong, thank you Cindy and Reunion Rescue, thank you everyone that stuck with us to make this day possible. Yancy really got inside our hearts.

This from Sue:

I just wanted to let you know that Yancy...now Bella Mia....is doing great! We've taken her out several times for walks, she rode in the car to Whole Foods and 2 pet stores and she came into both pet stores with us. She is an absolute joy and now she's playing with her new kong-like ball. I keep trying to take pics of her, but she looks away every time the camera clicks. She's a little distracted right now. :)

Anyway, thank you all again for saving Bella....we love her!

Sue :)

We had a grt night and bella seems totally acclimated. She's so adorable and such a love bug. She is getting non-stop love. She's my best buddy.

Sue :)

Click the photo to read more about Bella Mia (aka Yancy)!

Backroom Ben Got Adopted!
Good Newz tracked Ben from the day of intake because many pit bulls like Ben are euthanized without ever being adoptable. Sure enough, they decided to put him down. Their reason: Ben has "mild demodex". As of yesterday, his only spot was one quarter inch by one half inch, next to his ear. He was scheduled to die for a spot so small it will probably disappear after one bath with a good shampoo.

So we told Kevin, and Kevin adopted him!

Like most of the health issues in the backroom, Ben's demodex, related to stress, was most likely caused by the backroom. The other condition that is a euphemism for euthanize 'em, is "kennel cough".

We have a "Labeled Agressive" album on our facebook page that details the backroom dogs we have rescued at the 11th hour. When we complete it, perhaps we'll have time chronicle the "Labeled Chronic" guys like Ben.

Female Tan Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd 2 years

4 days old, scheduled to die on day 6

Female Br brindle Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd
2 days old

Female Br brindle Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd
2 days old

Female Br brindle Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd
2 days old

Male Br brindle Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd
2 days old

Male Br brindle Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd
2 days old

Male Br brindle Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd
2 days old

Male Br brindle Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd
2 days old

Male Tan Pit Bull Terrier
and German Shepherd
2 days old

Female Cream Pit Bull Terrier
2 days old


Gringo (aka Casper) was adopted from the Martinez Animal Shelter in July 2008 by Cris, a TIGER TRAINER at Six Flags Marine World. Gringo was the first deaf puppy Paul and I had ever tried to place, and boy did we hit the jackpot with the adopter.

So now that we are starting to train the little litter of deaf pups we rescued in October, Cris is going to meet with all the adopters (2 so far), and show us a few pointers.

Hey - maybe he can help me train my cats too!


Stoney got adopted!

It was love at first sight ... Rachael adopted Stoney from the shelter on his last day. Good Newz posted Stoney on their websites as a courtesy, Don saw the post ... and the the rest is history!

Wish Stoney luck!

And Look Who Else Got Adopted!

Eight's a Crowd!

I am outa' there!


Bentley got adopted!

He just got dropped off in San Jose. He's a mellow guy with a thick fur; you'll see him dining at the local cafe!

Wish Bentley luck!
Click a photo for the story of Bentley and his mom, Lola.


Little Vicky got adopted!

That user manual really helped! Vicky has a new home and it is working out great. They say she is already nearly potty-trained and they love the way she sits and walks, both at the same time, when she is excited about mealtime and trying soooo hard to be good.

Wish Vicky luck!
Click a photo for the story of Vicky and her litter.

Kim and her husband have decided to adopt Shane! The home inspection went great and Kim is coming today to pick up Shane. Shane's going to have more than a little turkey to be thankful for! Shane's new Dad is a musician that works at home. They plan to kong train and, since Shane is fairly housetrained and not really a chewer, they hope to move him out of the crate within a few weeks.

And they are big believers in positive reinforcement! How perfect is that?! Shane was almost euthanized because he was "fearful". Once we put him with the puppy pack, his fearfulness disappeared, but it is obvious that he is extremely sensitive. Positive reinforcement training is going to give Shane back the confidence that his horrible shelter life eroded.

Wish Shane luck!
Click a photo for Shane's story.

Adopted by Susie and Erin and going to live in a north country home and get LOTS of car rides!
Click a photo for Lola's story.

Louis and Lil had demodex mange; Lil's ear had been crushed, then healed shut. Now they have a Redwood in THEIR backyard.
Click a photo for Louis and Lil's story.